38% and loving it…

So fast, even with so much work… I read almost all that in my breakfast, lunch and dinner time.

It’s not the dark and deep things that keep me in love, it’s the self consciousness, the insight, the almost superpower of knowing: the situation, the others, himself.

And he’s right: it doesn’t matter if you hate yourself, as long as you know yourself.

Last night was very hard after that long, important and so honest conversation. And talking about the dreams just scare away my sleep. So right now I’m very burned up, tired and sleepy… But I just want to keep reading “Ender’s Game”.

And I could highlight all the book… It’s so personal and, at the same time, so objective… No wonder why it was part of the required lectures at Quantico for some time.

I hope… that there is hope. And I really believe that we could find it with some wisdom.

“Cogito ergo sum” it’s not nearly enough in this case. You need more than that.

But right now is time for me to sleep… And dream with the spring in Geneva, for a change 🙂


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