11% and already in love…

I’ve heard and read so much good things about it, about him, them… I knew this should’ve been the first in my list, but I let it sit there, waiting for the right moment… and this is it, the perfect moment.

From 9% I felt the difference, the similarities, the chemistry… Now I’m sure. He is like me, I’m like him. Only 29 years of difference, but this genius boy from the future thinks, acts, feels and talks as I could do it now…

At last after something like three monts I’m reading “Ender’s Game” and my mind is blown over already. Maybe it’s too fast to say this, but the characters are so real for me, from my perspective…

Maybe all I should do is find my “game”, like Ender… maybe I should stop pretending and grow up, just to be like a genius Third of the future…

Now that our paths crossed, there is only one way to go: ahead, full throttle. But I have so much work to do right now… I don’t know how I would do it, because I just really want to sit and finish that book.

Anyway, I’ll have to stop here to continue there…


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